ModiPy 1.2 Released

I’m pleased to announce that version 1.2 of ModiPy has been released. You can grab it from the CheeseShop like this: easy_install ModiPy Easy! What’s New? This version of ModiPy is the most stable yet. It’s still beta, since there are some areas that don’t have enough test coverage yet,… Read More

SCM Updates

I’ve recently made some updates to my seafelt Configuration Manager tool, specifically around the auditing function. When I’m doing gigs for customers, I often need to check that their configuration settings are correct. It’s one of the biggest causes of problems in an environment. It gets worse when you have… Read More

New seafelt Blog

Hi folks! I’ve just added a new blog all about seafelt stuff over here at This blog will be all about IT management software, the sort that seafelt makes. I’ll stop blogging about that sort of thing here, mostly, so that if you’re interested in seafelt stuff, you know… Read More