ModiPy Documentation Updates

I’ve been doing a bit of work on ModiPy this week. In particular, I’ve been writing documentation on how to use it. While still far from comprehensive, you can now get a much better idea of how to use it from the wiki.

I draw your attention particularly to the QuickStart guide. I hope this goes some way to describe just how easy it is to get a working set of changes automated using this tool.

I’m fixing up the code for another point release soonish. Not sure when, probably once I’ve triaged the bugs and missing features I find as I write things up.

Here’s a piece of bonus doco, though. This is the configuration I just used to add all the license keys to a NetApp simulater I’ve just re-installed.


  <!-- define my provisioner -->

  <!-- define some devices I want to provision to -->
  <device name='siteA-fashda-01'>

  <device name='siteA-fashdb-01'>

  <device name='siteA-fasnst-01'>

  <iterator name="license_keys_csv"

  <!-- Define the changes I want to apply -->

  <change name="add_licenses" iterator="license_keys_csv"
      module="modipy.netapp" type="ZAPIChange">

    <target name="siteA-fashda-01"/>

      <!-- We ignore errno 22, which is an invalid license code -->
      <condition>results.status == 'passed' or results.errno == 22</condition>

      <condition>results.status == 'passed' or results.errno == 22</condition>

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