How to Migrate a VM from VirtualBox 4.3 to VMware Workstation 11

This piece of extremely specific Howto information is brought to you courtesy of my #vExpert trial license for VMware Workstation 11. I think Workstation was my first experience with VMware, back in the 2.x days. That or I was using vmware-server v1.x as a desktop virtualisation thing, as well as… Read More

Fix Chrome Flickering on Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S4

I recently upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone to Android 4.3 and immediately noticed issues with Chrome. It would flicker, and show a blank, black screen when going into the “exploded tab” view that shows you all your open tabs. Selecting a tab, and scrolling within a window, would… Read More

How To Get Telstra 4G Mobile Broadband Working With Linux

I’m procrastinating finishing an MBA assignment, so here’s how to get your shiny new Telstra 4G dongle working under Linux. I use Ubuntu, but these instructions should help you on other Linux variants as well. This process worked for Ubuntu 11.04, but I haven’t tested anything else. Let us know… Read More