Recommended Reading

Inspired by a question from @grantorchard over the summer, I’ve added reading list page to the site. There’s a lot of noise on the internet, so as part of my continuing mission to help guide people towards the signal, this list only contains things I’ve personally read and think are… Read More

DellWorld 2013: Reflections on the Keynote

I mentioned previously that the Dell keynote by Michael Dell was underwhelming, and I’ve been trying to work out why I felt that way. It’s because, once you strip away the boosterism and sloganeering about “disruption” and “World’s Largest Startup”, it didn’t really offer anything new. There were plenty of… Read More


Disclosure: I was sent this product by A couple of months ago, I was sent a Stick-N-Find thingo with the hope that I might review it here on In summary: Don’t bother. It’s an expensive waste of time. What Even Is It? It’s a couple battery powered, low-power… Read More