Fix Chrome Flickering on Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S4

I recently upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone to Android 4.3 and immediately noticed issues with Chrome. It would flicker, and show a blank, black screen when going into the “exploded tab” view that shows you all your open tabs. Selecting a tab, and scrolling within a window, would… Read More

The Word is Premises

Attention all technology people! The word you want is “premises”. Not “premise“. Words have meanings! “On premise deployment”, means something like “assuming some other unstated assertion is true, we should put our hardware here”. You’re making where you put hardware conditional. It’s not as if we need any more jargon… Read More

Recommended Reading

Inspired by a question from @grantorchard over the summer, I’ve added reading list page to the site. There’s a lot of noise on the internet, so as part of my continuing mission to help guide people towards the signal, this list only contains things I’ve personally read and think are… Read More