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jpw-headshot-2015-05-09My name is Justin Warren, and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Eigenmagic is my personal blog. Mostly it’s about technology and management, with a smattering of other topics thrown in for good measure. I write about whatever I think people might be interested in.

I tend towards long form prose because I often don’t have time to make things shorter.


My speciality is at the edge of business and IT. I have eclectic interests, and I enjoy synthesising ideas from a variety of sources. It helps me to see things that other people might miss.


I run a specialist IT consulting company, called PivotNine.

We help executives to run their internal IT more like a business, and help the internal IT groups to learn how to operate more like a business. It involves a lot of translation from technical to business language and back again.


I moonlight as a journalist at times, and you can read my stuff at Forbes.com, iTNews.com.au, and occasionally at CRN.com.au. You can find links to things I’ve had published here.


I got 80% through my undergrad in Electrical/Computer Systems Engineering only to abandon it to earn good money in IT consulting. Years later I went and got an MBA from Melbourne Business School, which is almost as good.

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If you want to know more about me for work purposes, check out my profile on LinkedIn.


I have too many hobbies.

I love to read, both fiction and non-fiction. For fiction, I like hard and soft SciFi, anything by Terry Pratchett, and various other things. For non-fiction, I’m into anything with a science bent, particularly if it’s related to behavioural economics, maths, or physics. If there’s a crossover with management, so much the better.

I like Open Source, and Ubuntu is my current choice of Linux distro. I’ve run some form of Linux on my primary desktop/laptop since the late 1990s.

I write code, mostly in Python, but I speak a bunch of other languages reasonably well.

I used to ride a bicycle to work, and I used to snowboard. I have a SCUBA diving license, and a motorcycle license.

I can make balloon animals. Ok, one.

I can juggle three balls and do one and a half magic tricks.

My son loves LEGO, so I have a perfect excuse to buy lots of it. Hooray! One day we’re going to build one of these.


Everything here is my personal opinion, and I’m the only one who has editorial control over anything you see here. I occasionally get gifts of schwag from vendors, and when I do, I try to disclose it in lots of detail, like in this post.

I’m not averse to getting paid to write something (after all, I do it elsewhere) but I’m pretty militant about being able to have my own opinions and writing what I really think. That’s why I’m so open and detailed about what I might get in return, so that you can decide whether or not to believe what I’m writing.

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You can follow me on Twitter as @jpwarren.

Or just email me at [email protected].

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