Now at Me!


You will now be able to read my meagre scribblings at! I’ve signed up as a Contributor, joining such illustrious minds as Ben Kepes, Paul Miller, and Theo Priestley. Basically, it’s a blog at, only I get paid for writing there instead of writing mostly for free here.

I’m on probation for the first little while, as I get into the rhythm of writing for a different audience than who I usually write for here or at and The audience is more interested in business-y, news-y stuff, so I’ll be writing less technical deep-dive articles, and more about the business of tech: marketing, strategy, how you actually use technology to assist your business, that sort of thing.

Expect to see articles like my analysis of AWS financials and the cloud wars, things about open-source and security, and discussions of life at the edge of business and IT. Articles like my discussion of erasure coding, and the ever popular How To Get Telstra 4G Mobile Broadband Working with Linux will continue to appear here.

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