Seafelt Config Manager Updates

Whew. It’s been a busy few months with non-eigenmagic related work.

I just found some time to hack together some updates for SCM that I’ve been wanting for a while, and it came together surprisingly quickly.

More detail is over here on the seafelt blog.

The short version is that I added some Javascript to enable dynamic collapsing of report sections. I also changed the layout so that errors of a specific level and type are grouped together, along with a count, so you can quickly see what sorts of problems you have, and can then use the collapsing feature to drill into the areas you’re most concerned with.

There’s some work to do now with adding descriptive text into the rulesets so they work with the new report format, but I think this is an excellent improvement to the usability of the reports.

I’m very impressed with the jQuery library. It’s suprisingly easy to add some powerful UI elements to pages, particularly compared to the state of the art 4 or so years ago when I last tackled Javascript in any real way.

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