Impending Fun and Games

My last day for my current client is coming up later this week. I’m really looking forward to being able to spend some time on personal projects. There are a bunch of things that I’ve had on the back burner that are going to get onto a front burner for the first time in a year.

The shortlist thus far is:

  • BEEPy. I’ve got an enormous patch bundle from one of my users that I’ve promised to merge into the codebase. It’s a big challenge to do this without a big chunk of spare time to spend on it. Which I now have. Yay!
  • seafelt v3.0. This has been going really well as a part-time project when I’m not actively consulting for clients. It’s probably going to go alpha sometime over the upcoming holidays. This is going to be really cool. :)
  • libsnmp integration into twisted. Not sure about this one. I might just merge in some seafelt code that drives libsnmp to make it easier to use and see how that goes to start with. I’ll have to chat with the twisted guys about where it best fits into the module hierarchy.
  • House hunting. We’re going to go buy a new house. Something closer to the city. This is fun/scary/time-consuming.

I’m also going to Sydney for OSDC 2008, plus there’s Christmas and New Year.

So what do you guys have planned for the next month or so?

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