This and That

It’s quite a challenge to write something halfway interesting every day when most of your life consists of doing a lot of much the same thing, day in, day out. I usually feel as though most of my life is a plain coloured wall with the occasional interesting smudge on … Read More

Minor Updates

I’ve added a couple of features to the site and felt it was time to share another photo with you all. I’m headed to the the snow in a few weeks, so I was looking over my photos from when I went to Canada earlier in the year. I loved … Read More

Beetle Graveyard

My house has appently become where beetles come to die. I don’t know why there has been a sudden influx of the beetle elderly, and I don’t believe it’s because my residence somehow resembles Florida, but that is apparently what the retirement age beetle population believes. They have come in … Read More

Dog Years or Internet Years

Today seems to be one of those days where I feel like an Internet old-timer. I’ve been getting copies of email jokes I’ve seen, photoshop gags I’ve seen, and websites I’ve seen. Apparently there are some people who haven’t seen them, yet I am not one of them. It’s a … Read More

Quickie Update

I’m striving to get into the habit of updating this website more often, but 28.8 dialup is proving to be extremely painful. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s been going on the last few days. Nothing ultra-exciting really. Work is still, well, work. I still hardly get to spend any … Read More

On Email Hoaxes

Just a very short entry today, on email hoaxes. For some reason they refuse to die and I still get forwarded email from well meaning if slightly misguided friends. Please take this as helpful advice, though there will be an element of flame to it. First, and foremost: bookmark this … Read More

Change For The Better

This has been a most interesting weekend, as far as weekends go. I didn’t start into it with any special expectations other than having a lot to do in a fairly short space of time. Now I’m reflecting on what has been a busy, strange, fun and surprising weekend. I … Read More

Babies Are Cute

A friend of mine just had her second baby. His name is Fraser, and he is hella cute. I went to visit her in hospital today. I brought flowers. I didn’t visit her when she had her first, though I can’t quite remember why. Possibly I didn’t feel it was … Read More


I’m finally going to be back home on a more permanent basis. It’s been an interesting 5 months working interstate every week, but it’s definitely time to move on to something new. Sunshine and flowers today, to celebrate a new beginning. The combination of working away, the cold winter days … Read More

A Brave New World

As you can see, I’ve changed the look of They say a change is as good as a holiday, well, I’ve been having the equivalent of a lot of holidays lately. I’d been planning a move to this new look for a while and given all the other changes … Read More