Zope Timezones Fixed

I finally got around to fixing the timezones for the Zope server. I’ve done this before for other servers, but hadn’t for the personal one, for some reason.

Kudos to Andrew Milton for responding to my query to the OzZope mailing list last year explaining how:

Zope DateTime sucks.

It's looking for 'AEST' for Australian Eastern Standard Time, which as far as
I know is only ever used under Windows to represent Australia timezones.

The "workaround" is this;

You need to edit ${ZOPEHOME}/lib/python/DateTime/DateTime.py

You will see a variable called _zmap and the first timezone is 'aest'
change it to 'est' , change 'aedt' to 'edt'
and find the US 'est' and change it to 'usest'.

You should be fine after that.

I should make this into a MonkeyPatch product.

| I really hope I'm just being an idiot.

It's been broken for 10 years, it's not you that's the idiot.

Andrew Milton

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