Wideband Occluding Operational Lens

I wish to offer an alternative to the Government’s recent proposal to require ISP level filtering of the internet. I propose the Wideband Occluding Operational Lens, or WOOL. I believe it will be just as effective, but at a vastly reduced cost. Allow me to explain.

The Wideband Occluding Operational Lens is a simple garment that, once fitted correctly, provides a comfortable security cocoon that prevents the wearer from accidentally viewing anything they may find offensive. Clinical trials have shown the WOOL to be 100% effective in shielding test subjects from offensive text, pictures and video, not only on the Internet, but also on television and in print! That’s 2 additional media, for free!

I reject the cynical alternatives offered by competitors and naysayers, such as “Don’t search for porn, then”, “Why not just turn it off?” and “Think of the Chiilllldreennnn!”

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