Sennheiser Silence

I just treated myself to a pair of Sennheiser HD555 headphones for when I’m at work. I’ve been using a pair of Sony MDR-G72 headphones for a few years, and while they’ve been quite nice, I originally bought them because they collapse down and are easy to carry in a… Read More

StumbleUpon Physics Writeups

My current favourite thing is a little browser extension for Firefox (the bestest browser in the whole wide world!) called StumbleUpon. If you’ve ever been sitting around waiting for something else to complete (compiling software, installing software, waiting for clues to spontaneously attach to cow-orkers, staring aimlessly into space) but… Read More

Clogged Head

Ugh. I’ve managed to catch someone’s cold, so I’m having to chow down on pseudoephedrine just so I can breath. Riding to work in the rain probably hasn’t helped.I’ve yet to get my DVB card working under linux, and haven’t had the time to spend diagnosing the problem yet. Some… Read More

Today’s post comes to you from the comfort of the couch in my loungeroom, courtesy of a working wifi connection.I realise I’m late to the party with the whole wifi thing, but it really is kinda cool. For instance, when your head is completely clogged with infected bodily fluids, you… Read More

24 Hours in Every Day

I’ve finally worked out how to reclaim my time of an evening, and may well completely reschedule my days to keep it happening.It has a great deal to do with getting enough sleep. This morning, I overslept because I forgot to set my alarm. It was all of 30 minutes,… Read More

Night Rider

My friend and colleague, Jim, invited a few of us out last night for a spot of night time mountain biking. Let me say that again: mountain biking, on dirt tracks, in the dark. :) It was every bit as insane as it sounds. It’s pitch black beyond the reach… Read More

New girl in my life

This is Sherbet. She’s just been caught climbing around in the bathroom on one of her exploration runs. I adopted her courtesy of some friends of mine who arranged it as a housewarming present and I’ve had her for three days now. She’s still in the gradual exploring mode and… Read More

Kitten Kraziness

It would appear that Sherbet has now acclimatised to her new surroundings, since she’s now happy to explore the whole house, provided I leave the doors open. There’s an endless array of fascinating odds and ends; boxes, beanbags, cupboards, the list is endless! So many sources of joy and excitement… Read More