Then is better than Zen

A really interesting idea, via MetaFilter, in response to asking a whole bunch of people “What do you believe is true even though you can’t prove it?”Link. Once again, life and art are inseperable. Jacques (Marge’s bowling coach) from the Simpsons summarises this idea well: “Better than the deed,… Read More

Copyright Communist Pirates

Arr, Matey. Some fun recently at BoingBoing over the latest missive from Bill Gates, equating those who favour a different view of Intellectual Property law with communists. Some of the resulting imagery can be seen above. Personally, I prefer a bit of leeway in copyright law, else I wouldn’t have… Read More

Peaches For Me

Lots of work and life related stuff going on lately, so I haven’t had much time for updates here. I’m hoping I’ll get a bit more time for it soon, but until then, here a bunch of quicky updates. Peaches are insanely great. I just had 2 that I must’ve… Read More

Decisions, decisions

The following picture isn’t quite as dark an image as I’d like to convey, but it’s the best I could come up with in my quick search of my photo archive. I have many doors to choose from, which I realise makes me very fortunate indeed. The trouble is, with… Read More

Comments enabled

If you’ve been visiting recently, you may have noticed there is now an ‘Add Comment’ button for each news item. This means that you can add comments to news postings, just like other ‘blogs, but only as a Member. While I get the bugs worked out of the comment code… Read More

Can you spell irony?

I just caught up on some of my blog reading and came across an article that just makes me wonder.. do people understand irony any more? Via BoingBoing, a link here to a group of former students are apparently suing Pink Floyd and/or the current copyright holders for unpaid royalties… Read More