In Praise Of Inkscape

My new favourite tool in the known internet is Inkscape, an Open Source vector graphics program, akin to Illustrator or Freehand. I ‘d used it briefly some time ago and didn’t really explore what it had to offer. “Vector graphics,” thought I, “Neat.” I’ve just had the opportunity to use it with greater purpose and my verdict is: it rocks. This is a seriously cool tool. I’m very much a graphics novice, yet I was able to conjure some icon graphics quickly, simply and free!

I heartily recommend this tool. While not perfect, and what software is, it has a wealth of functionality and is easier to use than a great number of other graphics tools I’ve used. I think it’s a simple case of learning how to achieve what you want with the tool, as it is more than capable of what you want. A great many things are intuitive, and some aren’t for me mostly because I’m not a graphic designer. I find myself thinking “Oh wow! Neat!” far more often than “How do I do that with this tool?”

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