Shiny New iPhone 3GS!

I am now the proud owner of a shiny new Apple iPhone 3GS. My impressions so far are overwhelmingly positive, but it does have some significant flaws. Long Journey I’ve looked longingly at other people’s iPhone’s for some time. When they first came out 2 years ago (remember the lines?), … Read More

How to do design automation: DocGen concept diagram

I’m a bit of a documentation nerd. Writing technical documentation is a boring, but often necessary, job that other people hate doing. I’m good at it. I also care about it, for some unfathomable reason. This combination means that I’m usually the guy who ends up doing it. Now I … Read More

My New Toy

I’ve been thinking a lot about music lately. Playing music. How I used to, and haven’t lately. I’ve been particularly obsessed with Chopin’s Prelude in E minor (Op. 28 No. 4) which is a heartbreakingly beautiful piece of music. And playing music is apparently good for your memory. So after … Read More