As I write this, I’m en route to Dell World 2012 in Austin, Texas. Right this moment, I’m ensconced in Air New Zealand’s international lounge, which is quite nice. Much nicer than United’s sorry excuse for a lounge in Melbourne. United would be better off partnering with another Star Alliance… Read More

Who To Hire

I have an evolving list of “first hires” when someone finally comes to their senses and gives me a senior IT manager job. Some entries are mostly due to some extremely intelligent and trustworthy colleagues whom I am sure could be encouraged to accompany me if the price is right.… Read More

Structural Industry Change

The local financial pages have been awash with news of the Australian car industry needed a serious financial injection for several of the manufacturers to stay here. This means jobs are threatened, which means votes are threatened. This little play sparks up every year or so: Mitsubishi has been threatened… Read More

My Ultimate Goal: Automate IT

My first real job was manually sorting printed superannuation statements. I had to go through about a dozen boxes, each with about 2000 pieces of paper, and separate them into piles: single-page statements, and multi-page statements. Why? Because the program that printed the statements just printed them all at once,… Read More

New Modem Firmware

I’ve upgraded the firmware on the Netgear ADSL modem, so hopefully that will fix the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” problem it seems to have sporadically. If so, will stop randomly dropping off the air. Here’s hoping, anyway. In other news, I’ve been doing some research of… Read More