DellWorld 2013: Reflections on the Keynote

I mentioned previously that the Dell keynote by Michael Dell was underwhelming, and I’ve been trying to work out why I felt that way. It’s because, once you strip away the boosterism and sloganeering about “disruption” and “World’s Largest Startup”, it didn’t really offer anything new. There were plenty of … Read More

Stop Talking About Costs

I was at the recent Melbourne launch of Pure Storage, and a single word permeated much of the conversation: cost. It was a central part of their pitch that day. Pure were spruiking their gear as being at cost-parity with spinning disk for “effective storage”, meaning after their special-sauce software … Read More

TFD9 Review: Infinio

There’s so much good stuff to talk about with Infinio, I’m almost at a loss for where to begin. Infinio Accelerator I’ll start with the product Infinio have launched: their NAS accelerator for virtual machines. It’s so obviously a good thing I’m amazed it doesn’t already exist. I mean, think … Read More