VMworld US Here I Come

For the first time ever, I’ll be at VMworld US this year, covering the event for iTNews.com.au.

Well, assuming the US government lets me have an official journalist style I-visa after my interview in a couple of weeks. Since I’ll be getting paid (freelance, so only for what I actually produce and can sell, natch), I need a proper work visa, not a B1/B2 conference style visa that I would normally use under the Visa Waiver Program when I go to the US as just me.

Nerd Herd

Watching the Twitter feed last year, I could feel the energy of VMworld through the tiny mobile screen, and I had a palpable sense of missing something wonderful. It was like hearing all about this great party that you missed because you had to work. The nature of our far-flung industry is that I only tend to see my Internet Friends at the occasional conference, and the fact that I’m in Australia makes it that much harder to see them, because all the major conferences are either in the US or Europe.

It’s shaping up to be a great event, with all the action on the storage front in recent years, the explosion of software definitions, and a rekindled enthusiasm for networks. It’s a busy time for the industry, and I look forward to tapping into the zeitgeist at one of the premier technology conferences in the world.

Say Hi

If you’re there, do come up and say hi. I’ll be tweeting up a storm as @jpwarren as usual, so tweet at me if you think there’s something cool I should come see. I’ve even updated my avatar to a recent photo so you’ll know what I look like.

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