Bill Clinton’s Autobigraphy

I’m really enjoying Bill Clinton’s autobiography My Life. As I mentioned in a previous post, I think he’s a really smart guy and the book is serving to reinforce this opinion. It’s quite long, mostly due to the extraordinary detail he goes into on virtually every topic. He writes well,… Read More

MythTV Rocks Again!

I just set up MythTV to stream video from the desktop to my laptop. I’ve had to muck about with the playback resolution because the poor little laptop just doesn’t have the hamsters to playback HDTV at full resolution. It’s also running over 100MiB wired ethernet, not GigE. It’s quite… Read More

Sleep Experiment: Wrapup

Today is one month since I started the sleep experiment. I stopped writing about it for a couple of weeks mostly because I was busy with other things. I would say that the experiment is a success as I am now acclimatised to getting up at 7am when I don’t… Read More

Fun Comic

Some comic fun for today: xkcd. Found during my travels over the intarweb. I realised I’d seen it before when I saw the Pi comic, but hadn’t traversed the rest of his work. It’s quite funny even though it’s drawn rather crudely. I’m inspired again to learn to draw, but… Read More

Happy Green Blocks

Bill Moore came to visit us today. Bill works with Jeff Bonwick on the Solaris kernel, specifically on ZFS, the new uber-filesystem that runs on Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris. It’s still a beta product, really, but it works quite nicely as is. There are all sorts of great features in… Read More

Sleep Experiment: Day 11

Day 11 started well. The routine of getting up early is now well established and I’m heading for bed when I get to the appropriate level of tiredness, so I’m sleeping well. I feel great in the morning and if I work on the right sort of stuff I can… Read More

Sleep Experiment: Day 10

The experiment is going well, despite my being a bit slack in getting up this morning. I listened to the radio for a bit, waking up a bit slower than usual. I think it’s the colder weather, since it’s nice and warm in bed of a morning and there’s a… Read More

Sleep Experiment: Day 9

It’s been a week of the experiment now, and I’m not having much trouble getting up around 6am. I automatically get tired around 9:30pm and I’m asleep quickly once I go to bed. I’ve generally got more energy during the day, though I have noticed one thing: after getting home… Read More