Happy Green Blocks

Bill Moore came to visit us today. Bill works with Jeff Bonwick on the Solaris kernel, specifically on ZFS, the new uber-filesystem that runs on Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris. It’s still a beta product, really, but it works quite nicely as is. There are all sorts of great features in the pipeline, and we got to chat to Bill about all of them.

It looks like Bill is lucky enough to be part of a great team of smart folks doing fun things with technology, and he gets paid to do it! He’s smarter than a brain pie, and it’s interesting to see how he operates within the confines of a large company. All large
companies appear to suffer from the same problems, so there were plenty of shared moments and memories of pain.

I’m really looking forward to playing with ZFS, so hopefully our new Sun X2100 server will turn up soon and I’ll be able to get Solaris 10, zones, dtrace and the whole funky thing running. From talking to the all the insiders we seem to know now, it looks like they’ve finally got their act together and fixed a whole bunch of things that were horribly broken in previously versions of Solaris.

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