Sleep Experiment: Day 8

I’ve skipped a few days of entries due to the weekend and having better things to do. I didn’t get up early on Saturday due to being out all day on Friday drinking red wine at the Grand Prix. Lots of fun, but it kinda gets in the way for getting other things done. Saturday was a pretty slow day as a consequence. Low motivation to do much more than putter about with a few side projects on the computer and do little bits of housework.

Woke up around 6am on Sunday, which was really about 7am due to the end of daylight savings time. Auds and I ended up having a nice lie in before getting up for a bike ride. Neither of us were really firing on all cylinders for the first half hour or so, and I wasn’t really enjoying it. The wind was really cold, and I only had the heavier weight jersey on. I should have taken my wind vest instead. The lack of wind chill would have meant I could warm up faster, and stay warm more easily. Happily, the sun was out a bit more when we got down to Beach Rd, and what was a crosswind/headwind was a nice strong tailwind. We jumped on a bunch for a while, and then ended up overtaking them and led a small bunch of our own down to North Road sitting on about 41kph. That was great fun.

The thing about having that sort of fun is that it buoys you up for the rest of the ride, so even though the ride back up North Rd was into the same crosswind/headwind as the first section, it wasn’t as bad because I was warm, the sun was shining, and I was in a good mood.

Slept plenty last night, and having the clocks roll back an hour meant it’s not as dark at 6am. I’m in a good mood, but re-evaluating some work related life stuff today. It looks like there’ll be an interesting announcement after lunch today. I’m hoping it’s a certain few things, but it’ll probably be another content free session explaining how excited everyone should be about all the changes there are no details on yet. Heh.

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