Sleep Experiment: Day 10

The experiment is going well, despite my being a bit slack in getting up this morning. I listened to the radio for a bit, waking up a bit slower than usual. I think it’s the colder weather, since it’s nice and warm in bed of a morning and there’s a mental barrier to relinquishing the cozy warmth for the cold air. Still, it’s proving worth it since I got a fair bit done this morning, making my days more productive overall.

I may also have hit on the right formula for the morning ritual. Having a coffee with breakfast while reading the morning news and doing some bits and pieces means I’m in a better mood all morning. If I wait until getting to work and having my first coffee with other people around 9:30, it’s not as enjoyable. I prefer to sip my coffee over a half hour or so while doing other things, rather than sitting in a cafe talking and drinking it all in 5-10 minutes. Perhaps the slow absorbtion helps.

I’m enjoying the greater productivity on the things I need to do outside of work. Now to get the same satisfaction out of my day job.

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