Sleep Experiment: Day 9

It’s been a week of the experiment now, and I’m not having much trouble getting up around 6am. I automatically get tired around 9:30pm and I’m asleep quickly once I go to bed. I’ve generally got more energy during the day, though I have noticed one thing: after getting home from work, there’s a period of lull where I don’t really feel like doing much. If I push through this time, by working late, for example, I don’t seem to experience this lull. If I don’t really slow down after getting home, by doing some exercise or some other physical activity, I also avoid the tiredness. If I stop and veg out though, the feeling of apathy, slackness or whatever seems to take hold making it harder to get started on something else.

If I push through the barrier, I’m fine from that point onwards. It’s as if I’ve lost the inertia that’s carried me through the day and I have to build it up again. The friction of life requires a constant force of activity to overcome, lest I slow down and become a big, immobile blob of couch potato.

It’s all interesting stuff. No scientific merit to any of it, but interesting, nonetheless.

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