SEO For Dummies

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is something I know very little about. This is a shame, because I’ve been maintaining this website, or previous incarnations of it, since about 1995 when I first got Internet access, yet almost no one has heard of it. Apparently. I was at university then,… Read More

Competitive Strategy

On Monday, I started reading Competitive Strategy, by Michael Porter. I caught the train to work, and I like to read during the journey. I’ve had the book on my shelf for quite a few years, ever since I pinched it from my Dad. It’s a 1980 copy from when… Read More

Spore Update

I’ve recently been playing the new Wil Wright game Spore. I’ve waited years for this game, and so far it has delivered on most of the early promise. The procedural characters are exactly that. The editors are incredibly intuitive and easy to use; an excellent example of good design. I’ve… Read More

The Beginning

Today I started a professional mentoring program with a friend and colleague of mine: Roger Mannett. He has kindly agreed to act as my mentor, and today was our first meeting in that vein. I’ve long admired Roger professionally. I had the pleasure of working for him during my days… Read More