The Beginning

Today I started a professional mentoring program with a friend and colleague of mine: Roger Mannett. He has kindly agreed to act as my mentor, and today was our first meeting in that vein.

I’ve long admired Roger professionally. I had the pleasure of working for him during my days at Telstra in the storage team and have kept in contact ever since. He is very giving of his time and wise counsel, to those willing to take the time to listen.

We discussed this blog, and my lack of posting. He mused that it may have something to do with my co-habitation. I countered that I cycle an hour and a half to work, compared to his mere 50 minutes. ;) Regardless, I’ve been slack in my writing, both here and elsewhere, so it’s high time I pulled my finger out… again… and started once more to issue missives to the world at large.

Now that I’m being watched… and know it… perhaps that will do the trick?

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