Clogged Head

Ugh. I’ve managed to catch someone’s cold, so I’m having to chow down on pseudoephedrine just so I can breath. Riding to work in the rain probably hasn’t helped.I’ve yet to get my DVB card working under linux, and haven’t had the time to spend diagnosing the problem yet. Some sort of driver issue. It’s a shame to be this close and yet unable to use the thing. Ah well, perhaps this weekend.

I managed to get my new wireless LAN half working last night. I can see the beacon, but I need to reconfigure the router to let my laptop connect. Then I can surf the ‘net from my loungeroom while I code on the couch. The cat will be well pleased, as will I, since the heater only warm the back part of the house and the study gets rather cold.

Looking forward to having a holiday in the near future. Details as they come to hand.

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