Kernel upgrades and party planning

I just upgraded up laptop to linux 2.6.8 and was surprised at how painless it was. Debian makes life pretty simple with the ease of apt-get install. I had to add a few extra packages to get make gconfig work, since I use Gnome and didn’t want to wrestle my way through a hundred text options. Apparently make xconfig uses Qt or something. Weird. Anyhow, the build went easily, modules all worked nicely and the only hassles I had was turning sound back on, because it started up in full mute mode, and upgrading the DHCP client software to work with the new kernel. That was it! Everything looks exactly the same as before as I sit here typing in Gnome.

So colour me impressed. I may well tackle an X upgrade soon since the kernel thing went so well, but I should probably complete the upgrade of my last server to a 2.6.x kernel. I’m hoping to get the whole IPSec tunnel thing set up between all the Unicity houses so we can link the dev networks together. That should make for some interesting stats in seafelt.

But that will probably get put on hold until after this weekend, as I have my housewarming party planned for Saturday. I’ve got a whole bunch of cleaning up to do before people get here, as well as food purchasing and some cooking. I’m going the BBQ option, which is just easier all ’round to organise. I just hope the weather cooperates. It’s turned a bit cold, and I don’t have an outside fire device besides the gas BBQ I’ve borrowed for the occasion. I might have to pick something up from the markets when I get the meat and hope that it fits into my little car. Either way, there’s heating inside, so I can always just rug up while cooking the food.

It should be a good turnout, and I’m looking forward to having my first real shindig in the new digs. I may even have sorted out some help for cleanup duties the next day, since there’s a very real chance of things getting messy as the night wears on, which is as it should be.

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