Justin Going to Tech Field Day 10


I am off to Tech Field Day 10 in four week’s time, from 3-5 February 2016, and will once again enjoy the pleasant surroundings of Austin, TX.

It looks to be shaping up as a bit of an All Stars event, with many past, frequently multiple, attendees converging to hear from vendors who have mostly presented before. Only Caringo appears to be new, and I’ve not heard of them before, so it’ll be good to learn about them.

We’ll be hearing updates from the others on where they’re up to, and I’ll go into that in more detail in my usual prep posts.

Tech Unplugged

I’ll be speaking at the Tech Unplugged event on 2 February 2016 as well. I haven’t finalised my topic as yet, but I’m looking at riffing on the vagaries of pricing and behavioural economics as it pertains to the way enterprise projects get run, and how that intersects with the DevOps approach to things.

Possible Press Tour

While I’m over in the US, I’m looking at booking some meetings the following week, since I’ll have already made the big trek up there from the bottom of the planet.

Nothing’s locked in yet, but if you’re interested in meeting up to talk tech, marketing, and related stuff between 6-12 February, get in touch.

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