It Works Better When You Plug It In

Yesterday we had a short power outage here at eigenmagic labs. I commented to Auds that I wasn’t worried about it, because my Shiny! New! UPS would have taken care of it. Indeed it did.

For the computers that were plugged into it.

Alas, the webserver wasn’t, because it was midway between transitioning from the old server to the new one. I had cut all the services over in the firewall, but hadn’t cabled the new server to the UPS yet, as it can only support a certain amount of power draw. Of course, this was very wrong. I *should* have moved the power as part of the cutover.

For some stupid reason, the BIOS isn’t automatically powering the server back on when it notices the power being there. This only seems to be an issue with very short duration outages, as in subsecond, or a couple of seconds. Anything longer, it starts up again fine. It’s AMI BIOS, the same as all my other servers, so I don’t know why this one doesn’t function the same way.

No matter. It’s now on UPS power, and the old server has been officially decommissioned. Hooray!

My apologies to people who tried to access the site during the brief outage.

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