GVBR Photos Are Back Online

I’ve finally found a gallery plugin for WordPress that doesn’t completely suck: NextGEN Gallery. In fact, this one is quite good. It handles bulk uploads well, and supports import from a directory on the filesystem. It can display the gallery in a variety of modes, and the user experience is superior to the builtin WordPress gallery, IMHO.

I’m also liking the FSpot photo management program more and more. Not only can it export directly to Flickr, it can also export to a directory on the filesystem, among a variety of other things I haven’t tried. A simple uncheck of an option, and instead of it trying to build a web gallery (which it can also do), it just dumped the files I had select by tag. Even better, it automatically resized them all for me, to a size of my choosing. Really, really awesome, folks. I used to have to use a toolchain I’d scripted up myself to do all this. FSpot made it easy, and NextGEN’s import capabilities made it even easier.

And you, my lucky readers, are the beneficiaries of all this free software awesomeness. Now you can check out my photos from the 2005 Great Victorian Bike Ride, as so many of you have been clamouring to do.


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  1. I know you were probably joking about people “clamouring”, but thank you for putting these back up. I had the page bookmarked and was disappointed later on to find the page down.

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