I’m attempting to download the 2008 version of e-tax from the Australia Tax Office website. So far it’s confirming my belief that the Australian government are the least capable to be in charge of setting IT policy in this country.

The ATO is the single largest revenue collector for the government. You’d think they might be able to spend a few quid on bandwidth. I’m currently enjoying 9 KB/s to download an 8 MB file within my own country. I get better speeds from websites hosted on the other side of the planet.

The program is Windows only, too, so I’m out of luck unless I run up a VMware instance just for this. I’ve only got XP Service Pack 1, not SP2, so it may not work anyway. I guess we’ll find out. Why can’t this just be a website, with some nice AJAX elements?

Update: The problem might be the 15% packet loss I’m getting from somewhere within Optus’ network.

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