ModiPY v1.0 Released

I’ve just checked in and tagged ModiPY v1.0. This is the first version that I’m prepared to say is ready for use doing real tasks. Grab it at I’m really excited about it. :) I tested it out today running on a linux box, and using a NetApp simulator… Read More

Portal Is Awesome

I just played through and finished Portal, a new game from Valve that is bundled in with The Orange Box. It is an awesome game. I was introduced to the game because of a 2D Flash homage to the game, and it was really fun. I then  followed the buzz… Read More

Isilon Systems: Fix Your RSS

Dear Isilon Systems, While you are a relative newcomer to the world of storage vendors, you seem to be doing rather well so far. You have some smart people working for you, and you seem to have some interesting products that at least some people are buying. Please get someone… Read More

Here Come The Macrame Daleks?

So I’m looking around the Internet for a plush penguin toy, and what should I happen to find in my travels? An entire livejournal community centred around crafted Dr. Who merch. Dr. Who is not well known for its knitware product placement. Sure, there’s the Doctor Who Scarf, made famous… Read More

Playing With Design

I spent today mucking about with design ideas for this website. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the design books I referred to in my last post, and I’ve decided design is a lot of fun. I’m toying with redesign ideas for the site, mostly to try to… Read More