Portal Is Awesome

I just played through and finished Portal, a new game from Valve that is bundled in with The Orange Box. It is an awesome game. I was introduced to the game because of a 2D Flash homage to the game, and it was really fun. I then  followed the buzz on the Intarwebs, watched the finale song on YouTube, and read about how it was based on Narbacular Drop. I watched walkthroughs of every level on YouTube, thinking that might be enough to sate my desire for the game. Nope. :)

The last game I purchased was Neverwinter Nights, and it was also awesome. I got loads of play out of NWN, and still will, since I haven’t finished the second expansion from the Gold edition, Hordes of the Underdark. I’ve been hanging out for Spore, bit since it keeps getting delayed, I’ve not bothered with anything else. I was intrigued by the rave reviews that Half Life was getting, but I never bothered with it. I was a bit over the whole first person shooter genre after playing them since Wolfenstein 3D back in the day.

Wolfenstein was a totally new game at them time. It’s difficult to remember just how unique, novel and special it was. Then came Doom, of course, which took Wolfenstein to a whole new level. Portal is a game like that. It had given us something completely new, wrapped up in a neat, playable package that you can just pick up and enjoy.

If you loved computer games when you were younger, but like me, you got a career, mortgage, pets, a significant other, and generally got old and boring, Portal is the game for you. Thankyou Valve, for making a game that got me back into gaming.

Oh, one more thing: The cake is a lie.

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