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It’s quite a challenge to write something halfway interesting every day when most of your life consists of doing a lot of much the same thing, day in, day out. I usually feel as though most of my life is a plain coloured wall with the occasional interesting smudge on it somewhere. What I think I’d like, is something a little more like this:

Fire is repetative on a macro level, and yet endlessly changing on a micro level. Perhaps my life, and that of everyone else, is also like fire. Week to week, month to month, it all seems somehow repetative and yet every day is different. You may have called up a friends and asked them “So.. what’s been happening?”. “Same ol’, same ol’, ” they might reply. Imagine trying to describe a log fire from one hour to the next. Nothing really changes overall, and yet old logs have burned down, new ones have been put in, caught alight, and burned down themselves.

Yet a fire is hypnotic in its endless variety of sameness. I always find it comforting to simply sit and look at a log fire, perhaps accompanied by a glass of red wine and the conversation of friends. It is a communal gathering point, a focus for togetherness, something that has probably been imprinted on our primitive brains from when we first discovered its magic. Even now in an age of electronics we gather around a flickering vastly different, and yet so familiar. Its cathode glow draws us in with its repetative variety.

I find that I am drawn into its poison embrace far too regularly. Even as I sit here writing this, it beckons to me from the other room, its promise of effortless entertainment a powerful draw. Yet when I rise from my waking slumber I feel strangely hollow. I have invested my time to its teachings and I am making a very poor return indeed.

A choice presents itself; I could continue to devote a portion of my life to receiving the advertisements of others, or I could invest in myself and devote a portion of my day to myself and to those of you who somehow wander into this backwater that is eigenmagic. I receive something by doing so, in that I enjoy writing and my occasionally successful images, yet I wonder if I am speaking to the void?

In the interests of expanding my horizons and developing this site further, I’d like to introduce guest memberships. I’d like to develop a little community blog of my own, to imitate the masters, if you will; for there is much to be learned through imitation. Hopefully I’ll be able to take this in a direction that pleases both me and you, my humble readers. Even if you’d like to vote me off the internet, join in the fun.

For now, to get a membership here, just email me at daedalus at eigenmagic dot com and I’ll line you up. All I need is some email account that you either send from or would like to nominate in the event that you need to request a password reset. If you want anonymity, go for it. Anything written will be (c) the poster with unlimited, free of charge reproduction rights provided to me to cover my ass. Moderation will follow a MetaFilter style model in that it’s a free for all unless I have to intervene to preserve order. I’m a big believer in freedom, both speech and beer.

So there you have it. Let me know your thoughts.

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