Holiday Fun

I just got back from a relaxing week in Sydney with the folks for the festive season. I’ve gained a bit of weight by the most enjoyable method I know, which this photo helps to illustrate:

Mmm. Yummy.

I didn’t really do a great deal while I was there, though what little I did was thoroughly enjoyable. A few lazy afternoons in the spa with a cold beverage, plenty of rich food, catching up on my reading and an afternoon at the driving range that my muscles are still reminding me of. All in all, not a bad way to spend a few days. Suprisingly, it wasn’t as hot as it’s been previously at this time of year in Sydney, so I’m glad I brought some warmer clothes with me. There’s something a bit strange about wearing a long sleeve t-shirt at the end of December.

The replacement for my Nikon 5000 camera, a shiny new Nikon 5400 (a story about the circumstances leading to the replacement may be forthcoming eventually) is obviously performing well. I think its colour balance is superior to the earlier model, as is the resolution, weight and startup time. The controls have changed a bit, but overall I think it’s a significant improvement, so well done Nikon and well done CGU insurance for getting it to me in time for the holidays. A pity a replacement was needed to close to my Dad’s 50th, which I missed getting any photos of, but no matter; others did and I can always get copies of theirs.

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and I haven’t decided if I’m going to take the camera with me or not. I’ll have to see, I suppose. It may well be worth it, though I plan to protect this one better than I did the last.

Holiday cheers for the cast and crew of Farscape. The season 1 DVDs are excellent and I look forward to investing in season 2 at some point soon. Jeers to the customers service folks at Qantas for cancelling my flight home and allegedly informing me via email, despite the fact that I was 800 kms from home and on holiday and thus not checking my email daily. I haven’t seen the email on my arrival home, so I’m buggered as to what less technically enabled and/or literate folks were to do at this time of unconnectedness. Perhaps I might be so bold as to suggest a low-tech alternative such as SMS messaging or even *gasp* a phone call?

At any rate, enjoy your holidays. The best of the season to you all.

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