Peaches For Me

Lots of work and life related stuff going on lately, so I haven’t had much time for updates here. I’m hoping I’ll get a bit more time for it soon, but until then, here a bunch of quicky updates.

Peaches are insanely great. I just had 2 that I must’ve bought over 2 weeks ago that have just been sitting in the fridge minding their own business. They first one was just so awesome that I had to go back and have another one. I’m thinking of having a third right now as I type this, but then I’d only have one left, which would open me up for a peach crisis on Friday, as I have to wait until at least Saturday for the market to be open so I can go get some more. I wonder if anyone’s every tried running a Dial-A-Peach or something.

Speaking of typing.. which I wasn’t, though I was typing about typing. Or am. Whatever. Aaaanyway, I’m typing this on my shiny new computer that will soon serve up these delicious pages (still thinking about peaches, Yum!) while the old one gets relegated to pure firewall duties. I’ve got to keep the sweaty masses away so that only nice, discerning folks like you can read this stuff. So that means it’s upgrade time! As part of the website migration I’m going to bite the bullet and upgrade the content management engine. I’m even going to repair the broken bits of the site and only cut over when it’s ready! Wow!

seafelt is coming along nicely now. The charts are looking nice and shiny, but I need to fix the auto-layout of the axis labelling again since my last change. I’ve also got a big chunk of code to write once I’m done with the minor tweaks to the charts, so that’ll keep me out of trouble for a while. I should really do a release of BEEPy, too, but it’s kinda on the back burner for the moment while I sort out a bunch of other stuff.

All in all, the Year of Getting Stuff Done is progressing well. I haven’t exactly been a shining beacon of dynamic organisation, but I haven’t been an utter slacker, either. Definite improvements over last year. So I’d better get back to it.

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