Bill Clinton Is A Really Smart Guy

I’ve just read a transcript of an interview Bill Clinton gave to the CPSA Investor’s Forum in Hong Kong. He comes across as a really bright, eloquent and realistic guy.I remember what the world felt like when he was president of the USA. I think it highlights the difference between how he approached the job and how George W. approaches it. I don’t necessarily agree with his opinion on everything, but I admire the reasoned way he’s arrived at that opinion. I also admire that he can appreciate the good things other people have done; people he disagrees with deeply on other issues. I think that attitude is worthy of great respect, and I wish I had that level of confidence in my own opinions.

to the article via MetaFilter.

I highly recommend reading both parts of the interview, regardless of your opinion of the man, his opinions, his politics or his past actions. It’s a wonderful example of someone who can speak well, and intelligently, about topics he’s familiar with. It’s quite an astonishing range of topics, at that.

I think I’ll wander off to the bookstore tomorrow and buy his autobiography.

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