Disclosure: #XFD6 Edition

This is one of my regular disclosure posts. You can read more of them here.

Security Field Day 6 was held online on 20-22 October 2021.

There was a bit of a postal delay which meant the box of swag didn’t arrive for quite some time after the event, and then the holidays happened and then suddenly months had passed. But the box has been sitting in the corner of my office nagging me for weeks now so I finally got around to writing this disclosure piece.

I attended the event remotely, like most things in 2021, so there’s no flights, or accommodation, to declare.

I did receive a snack box thing thanks to GestaltIT from an online service called SnackMagic.com. I chose the “weird American candies” box so I could expose my family to the wider world of snack possibilities and the fact that most of them remain uneaten means our local confectioners have nothing to worry about from global competition. For an upcoming event I’ve gone with the more traditional dark chocolate and fudge pack but that may be a tactical error because no doubt I’ll end up ‘sharing’ most of it with the other chocolate lovers in the house, i.e. I’ll be lucky to be left with any for the event.

Happily there are shops nearby and I can just go buy some chocolate.

But I digress! Onto the actual swag:


  • The usual Tech Field Day swag pack of stickers, Velcro-attaching fabric patch, tote bag, etc.
  • A Versa Networks branded pop-socket phone holder doohickey for the back of your phone. The fact these exist should tell phone makers their phones are too big and shaped wrong but no doubt they’ll keep making enormous phablets anyway.
  • A Versa Networks branded pen. It’s some kind of Papermate pen, plastic and very light but it writes nicely and smoothly and I like it quite a lot. Good timing, too, because a Diamanti pen I’ve been using is dying and I need a new pen. You can never have enough good writing pens, I find. They die or go missing or get pinched by the Pen Thieves that don’t put them back where they got them from and you can’t find a pen that works when you really need one.
  • A Versa Networks branded plastic water bottle.
  • A Versa Networks branded tote bag.
  • A Betacom branded torch/multitool thing. It’s got one of those little emergency glass window breaker things on it, so it looks like a handy in-car emergency tool, and the torch has a zoom function. The only thing I’d like is a windup dynamo feature instead of AAA batteries because I can never remember to keep torch batteries charged and we have lots of windup things for emergencies.
  • An Intel/Olympic rings branded notebook.
  • An Intel branded cloth face mask.
  • A Juniper branded metal tumbler cup.

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