The Eigencast 001: NetApp Buys SolidFire

The Eigencast

Justin Warren talks to George Kurian, CEO of NetApp, and Dave Wright, CEO of SolidFire, about the acquisition of SolidFire by NetApp.

We discuss why NetApp has purchased SolidFire, and why now. George tells us what NetApp’s plan for SolidFire is, and why NetApp has decided that FlashRay just wasn’t going to make it.

Justin asks Dave what he’ll be doing as part of NetApp, and why this acquisition is good for SolidFire customers old and new.

We also discuss company culture, and how to keep the best parts of both cultures through the process.




This episode of The Eigencast was sponsored by PivotNine IT Consultants and Advisors.

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  5. The podcast was very informative. Not sure what happened but there is a 53 second gap around the 24:04 min mark??

  6. Alas! You’re right.
    I’ve fixed it up. It looks like something went wrong during the encode to MP3 phase for some reason.
    Weirdly I can’t hear the gap in my podcast player, but I can clearly see the gap in the waveform when I load it into Audacity.
    Thanks for pointing out the problem, and for being specific about where and what the issue was.

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