TFD9 Rapid Wrap-Up

Whew! Tech Field Day 9 is finished, and I’m exhausted. It’s going to take some time to mentally process everything that we discovered before I’ll be able to really write it up well. Key Points The things that most stick out for me at the moment are: Dell – There’s… Read More

TFD9: Journey and Arrival

Made it! I’ve arrived in Austin for Tech Field Day 9 after a journey of 14,330 kilometres, or 8,904 miles. I left home at 6am, and arrived at the hotel at 8pm local Austin time. That’s about 29 hours travel time. There was “weather” in Dallas, so my last plane… Read More

TFD9 Pre-work: Infinio

Infinio are launching at Tech Field Day on June 20, so there’s very little information available about them to write about. There are no financials, so I can’t do the spreadsheet thing. Their launch product is a “software-only solution to NAS performance in virtualized environments” according to their press release.… Read More