TFD9 Pre-work: Infinio

Infinio are launching at Tech Field Day on June 20, so there’s very little information available about them to write about. There are no financials, so I can’t do the spreadsheet thing.

Their launch product is a “software-only solution to NAS performance in virtualized environments” according to their press release. We’ll be seeing the first public demo of the product in action, which will apparently be released “later this year”.

I’m intrigued. Apparently the product is based on research performed by the founder, Vishal Misra, while at Columbia working with Dan Rubenstein. I’ve not had time to delve into things in great detail, but there are a couple of intriguingly named papers:

Optimal state-free, size-aware dispatching for heterogeneous M/G/-type systems published in Performance Evaluation; Oct2005, Vol. 62 Issue 1-4, p475-492, 18p. PDF here. It’s about queueing theory, and the abstract talks about minimising completion time and waiting time for job dispatch.

There’s also one called PBS: A unified priority-based scheduler, whose abstract states “This paper presents the design and implementation of a configurable blind scheduler that contains a continuous, tunable parameter. By merely changing the value of this parameter, the scheduler’s policy exactly emulates or closely approximates several existing standard policies.”

I haven’t read the papers themselves yet, but hopefully I’ll find the time between now and the presentation. I have no idea if they’re relevant, and Mr. Misra isn’t lead author, but they do sound related to a software product that has something to do with performance.

Apparently the Airbus A380 has power in the seats, so I may well be able to fire up the laptop and do something on the plane other than watch crappy movies or read whatever dead-tree edition I decide to take with me.


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