Wednesday Wisdom: Learn where your time goes.

Wednesday Wisdom: Wherein I share knowledge given to me by others wiser than myself.

A tip from the book “The Now Habit”. Open a spreadsheet program and set up 7 columns, one for each day of the week. Down the left side, divide the days into half-hour increments. Or be lazy and just download this PDF of one by clicking here.

Print it out.

Now take it with you and for each half hour, write in what you did. If you did a bunch of things, write in something that describes all of those activities. For example if you “read a bunch of random stuff on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook” you could write “faffed”.

For a week, just take note of what you do. Don’t think about it too hard, just write it all down.

Why is this wise?

This is a handy exercise because it forces you to look at what you actually do, not what you think you do. It’s usually a bit of a shock when I do it.

It’s easy to think “I don’t have time”. Sure you do. You just choose to use it doing other things. At least be ok with that.

Or make a different decision. It’s your life.

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