New Digs

I made the big move this weekend. I’m now living in sin with my gorgeous other half out in the scary suburbs. The fool! Muahahaha!

Now I have a 25-30km ride in to work each day, instead of 7km. I’ll be really fit in no time, no doubt. It was quite invigorating this morning, and only took a little over an hour, despite a few wrong turns due to not quite remembering the right way to go. It’ll be second nature in a week or so.

Now the fun of selling the old place kicks in, along with trying to figure out where to put all the stuff we now have together. We worked out that between us, we have 6 can openers, and 3 irons. Neither of us likes to do ironing either, so I wonder if this a case of extreme irony. (Ha! Irony. I’ll be here all week, folks. Try the veal!). Yes, she groaned at that one on the weekend, too. I don’t care. It makes me laugh.

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