Plone: Why is portal_actions visible in folder_contents?

It’s possible that you might come across this in your Plone site one day: you log in to edit something and notice a whole swag of items in the root folder_contents view. When you hover over them with your mouse, you can see by the link URL that the objects are things like portal_actions or portal_actionicons, things that shouldn’t be in this listing!

This has happened to me a couple of times, and I now know the cause, and the solution. You have somehow inadvertently added all these extra objects to the portal_catalog, which is used to find things in the portal. You want to remove them from the catalog indexes. Doing this manually is a pain, but happily there is a single button that will fix this problem for you. Get into the Zope Management Interface, via the Preferences screen or any other way, and browse to the portal_catalog object. Click on the Advanced tab, then click the ‘Clear and Rebuild’ button. That’s it!


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