Site Upgrade

Whew! I’ve just spent many hours migrating the site to a new spanky install of Zope and Plone. It’s mostly the same look and feel, but with funky new features, like:

  • A better blogging interface that makes it easier for me to add entries, and easier for people to find them. Trackbacks should be functional, but I haven’t thoroughly tested the interface yet. I’ll also be enabling comments shortly, once I verify the security model is working the way I expect it to. I’m using the EasyBlog product.
  • A new photo interface, courtesy of the ATPhotoAlbum product, with some pretty significant modifications of my own. I’ll be forwarding my patches on to the developers so that others can hopefully benefit from my work.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I’m pretty happy with the end results. Inline photos from the old entries don’t work as I’ve moved all the photos into the new album structure, so I’ll have to go back and hand edit them over time. I also need to re-categorise them, more for completeness than anything, and that too will happen gradually.

I think I’ll have to have a good look at Zope3, because, to be honest, Zope+Plone is turning into some pretty serious bargeware. Clean up the default CSS guys! kupu looks pretty until you turn on the web developer interface in Firefox and check out what’s happening under the hood. Yikes!

Anyhow, with this out of the way, it’s back to serious seafelt coding and lots of R&R. Hooray!

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