Quickie Update

I’m striving to get into the habit of updating this website more often, but 28.8 dialup is proving to be extremely painful. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s been going on the last few days.

Nothing ultra-exciting really. Work is still, well, work. I still hardly get to spend any time at home. I do, however, have my own pillow with me now (hooray for bigger wheeled suitcases!) so I’m sleeping a lot better. That makes getting off my ass and doing things a lot easier, let me tell you.

I’m preparing my notes for a massive content injection of local restaurant reviews, hopefully including a helpful snapshot or two to make things more interesting. I’m scanning over the photos I’ve already taken and re-taking a few to try to get cleaner or snappier images to go with the story. Fitting that into the few hours I have spare each night is making it take a lot longer than I’d really like, but it’s better to get something halfway decent than to just throw any old thing up here. That goes for anything but general entries like this, because no one gives a crap about my day anyway. ;)

Return of the King at the Astor on Sunday night was excellent. I went with friends and actually enjoyed it more the second time around. Maybe it was ambience of the lovely old theatre or maybe it was just a little more familiarity with the sequence of the film itself. Either way, it was a great way to spend a few hours over the long weekend. Long weekends are excellent things when you’re always away, so I took advantage of mine by seeing friends and sleeping a lot.

Which brings me to one vaguely interesting thought: they’re right when they say that caffeine affects you more when you quit smoking. I had two or three handfuls of plain M&Ms (my cinema candy of choice, btw) after dinner on Monday night and had awful trouble sleeping. This is not fun when you need to be up several hours earlier than your body wants to be so you can catch a plane. Despite this, I had an excellent session at the gym that night, so exercise can help to stave off sleepiness, for a while. I was knackered by 10pm last night though, so the combination helped me get a great night’s rest.

You may have noticed I talk about sleep a lot. That’s because it’s one of my favourite pasttimes. I miss it a lot when I’m not getting much of it and my bed is one of my favourite places to be. Sleeping or reading are the only things I’m doing in it lately, so keep your filthy minds out of the gutter. Just be thankful that I’ve decided that sleep is what I’ll talk about. Next time I might start on a rant about the other thing.

Reading. Ahem. Yeah, reading. That’s it…

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