Major Photo Update

Photos are in a bit of a state of flux at the moment as I reimport them all into a new object structure.I found a problem with my auto-thumbnail system that related to migrating between the really old object type from the old site to the new one. I couldn’t be bothered figuring out how to do a data migration operation on all the photos, so I decided to revamp the interface a bit.

It now automatically creates a thumbnail if one doesn’t already exist, which was a bug in the old version in that if I hadn’t pre-created the thumbnails, nothing appeared on the page, even though the main images were there. There one drag at the moment in that it wants you to be a logged in Member before you can create the thumbnails. I’m wading through Zope’s permissions system at the moment to try to figure out how to get things working for anonymous people.

You can also navigate between pages much more nicely, thanks to Plone’s navigation macros. I’ve also added the ability to move between individual images once you’ve clicked through from the thumbnail page, which you couldn’t do before.

I’ve decided against added a scaling feature for now as I don’t see enough value in it to bother. :) If you want to be able to see images at variable resolution (like, xsmall, small, large, xlarge, etc) then email me about it.

Overall, I like the new interface, so now I just have to finish off the imports, and then I’ll see if I can tackle those pesky permissions problems.

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