eigenmagic has a new home.

eigenmagic has finally been moved to its new home. Issues with the DSL relocation, that I will talk about later, prevented me from providing advance warning of the move, but happily everything is now back online.

eigenmagic is now located in my very own piece of real estate. I actually took the plunge and purchased a house about a month ago. Settlement went through about two weeks ago and I moved in a few days later, but it took until last weekend to get the DSL provisioned and configured. I managed to get it fixed up yesterday in between entertaining my parents, who’d come down to check out the new digs. I’m happy to say the house met with parental approval.

It’s a wonderful thing having your own place. I think it’s something you can only really understand once you do actually have a place of your own. Renting is just a completely different beast, but it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what is different. It’s just a combination of knowing that despite the massive debt, you can paint the walls any colour you like, hang a painting wherever you like, hell, you could take a sledgehammer to a wall if you were so inclined.

I’ll put up some pics soon as well as provide some updates on what’s been going on for the last month. It’s been a hectic time with work going crazy as well as the myriad details involved in buying property and moving out of a rental place. There are still a few loose ends to be tied up, but thankfully the worst parts are over.

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