Disclosure: Tech Field Day 23

This is one of my regular disclosure posts. You can read more of them here.

Tech Field Day 23 was held online on 21-23 April 2021. Because it was online, there isn’t any travel or food or accommodation to declare. I bought my own snacks and made my own coffee.

Vendor swag received in connection with TFD23

Vendor swag received in connection with TFD23


I received a couple of boxes of vendor branded swag as well as some Tech Field Day branded items:

  • A black North Face cap with the Riverbed logo embroidered on the front.
  • A Riverbed branded MiiR thermos mug.
  • Riverbed branded Skullcandy Jib True wireless earbuds.
  • A Hazelcast branded Yeti Rambler thermos coffee mug.
  • MemVerge branded Chef Yue’s Homemade DRAM Sauce. The card says “Pour it on your PMEM and go DRAM fast!” but I don’t think putting electrically conductive liquids into computers is a wise plan. Unless you’re exacting revenge. Huh. Just a moment…
  • A Xilinx branded Ringr smartphone multi-tool. Apparently you stick it to the back of your overly large smartphone so it’s easier to hold for people with smaller hands than the men who design the things. It is allegedly “the ultimate multi-purpose accessory for your smartphone” in that you can lean it on a surface and put a finger through it. Two is technically multiple, I guess. Still going to snag on my pockets though, so I’ll probably just have to wait for smartphone makers to discover that people with small hands exist.
  • A Xilinx branded EVRYBOX wireless speaker/external battery pack. It holds 4400 mAh.
  • A Xilinx branded USB-A to Lightning connector cable that wraps into its own square plastic holder thing (which is the bit with the branding on it). Handy to not get tangled in all the other cables in your bag, but I don’t have anything that uses Lightning unfortunately. I’d love some more USB-A to USB-C cables as USB-C is becoming a lot more common now, though an alarming number of things still use microUSB.
  • Xilinx branded Origaudio BEEBOP wireless headphones.
  • Micron branded socks. I am unreasonably pleased by this because lots of my vendor socks developed holes from being worn so much this past year and I basically cannot have too many nice socks.
  • A Micron branded Journalbooks notebook. This will go into the queue of notebooks I use to take handwritten notes for all my briefings and meetings and whatnot. Contemporaneous notes are apparently extra credible evidence that stuff really did happen. Whoever controls the past controls the future. Just FYI.
  • A Tech Field Day embroidered patch.
  • Some Tech Field Day stickers.
  • A Tech Field Day branded reusable shopping bag (to hold the swag stuff).

Thank you to all the vendors for their kind gifts.

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